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About Serafini

Serafini developes and manufactures amongst others salesroom concepts and presentation systems for renowned clients in trade, crafts and industry.  Furthermore serafini produces and distributes design products round the front door and for contemporary living. Serafini stands for highest quality and for superior product design.
Serafini products round the front door - beside the high design requirements there is a special demand for funktionality and durability especially for outdoor applications. At this it is always the materials, whose treatment and composition lead to an appealing entity. Products that cause joy and inspiration emerge from the connection of mechanical skills and a sense for design.
The culture of contemporary living is based on particular requirements. Based on a technical sense for a special value, serafini developes products for the interior, which guarantee a greater experience even in the every day life; beyond the perfect functionality the user experiences the passion for the detail - ever since more than 60 years! serafini - things to love!
Constantly changing markets and requirements demand a more and more flexible project management. Leading, coordinating, operating and controlling many different projects efficiently - that is what matters today. Stand to the benefit from many years of experience and the know-how of serafini. Professional mentoring in every stage of the project - from the conceptual design and construction of a prototype to the point of serial production.
The furnishing of salesrooms has become a very complex task, where the focus is put on the target-oriented coaction of architecture, design and merchandising. Since more than 40 years serafini developes presentation systems for show- and salesrooms, which allow a flexible presentation of goods and therefore permits the designer an optimal freedom.
Library is the consistent continuation of modern architecture from the outside building into the interior area. Media are presented in a modern way, with high-quality furnishings and unmistakable interior. Customized throughout, from the reception counter through to the media display.