We strive every day to ensure that our company does good for the environment and acts sustainably. In order to achieve this, serafini takes responsibility for employees, customers, and suppliers and employs technologies that can protect both humans and nature. Our processes and activities contribute to sustainable corporate development.


- We have a photovoltaic system installed on the entire roof.

- We utilize the heat from our powder coating system to heat other areas within our company.

- We strive to minimize emissions, waste, and noise as much as possible.

- We promote environmental awareness among our employees, for example, through initiatives like the "Einheitsbuddeln" campaign, where a tree is donated for reforestation in the name of each employee, or through our annual participation in the IHK event "Energie Scouts" - a qualification program for apprentices in the field of energy and resource efficiency.

- We comply with relevant environmental protection laws and regulations.

- We are committed to continuously improving our environmental management system. By conducting regular assessments of our environmental aspects, we identify areas with the greatest potential for preventing environmental hazards or preserving the environment.